Toadstool Tally

This is Toadstool Tally! A free mobile game where you have 5 seconds to guess which toadstool appears the most!

59SEaZL[1]Currently available on Android and iOS for free!
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Full disclosure about Toadstool Tally on your device and the ads that are shown.

We use the Facebook Audience Network to deliver adverts to you, this will use your Facebook information to display adverts that are relevant to you. If you do not have Facebook on your device, or if you aren’t logged in to Facebook, you will not receive advertisements. No personal data is stored by us at Suspension Studios but Facebook may use information collected about you and your habits to deliver the adverts.

Upon installation of Toadstool Tally, you may have noticed it asking for permission to access your files. This is a technical fault. Toadstool Tally does not access or transfer any personal files whatsoever. The only file reading/writing is the save file for your personal best score.

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