On the Island of Molokini, the Forest Tribe and the Cave Tribe are in conflict over the ownership of the fresh water oasis in the centre of the island.

As Laka (Player 1, Goddess of Love), your job is to show them the way of love with your Love Bombs and send them home.

As Ku (Player 2, God of War) you will remind those under the effects of the Love Bomb with your Bombs of War.

Once 5 tribesmen have reached the oasis, your fight will be over and whoever has the highest score wins.

Successful bomb drops reward 5 points.

When a tribesman has reached the oasis, Laka will lose 1 life and Ku will gain 25 points.

The flying spheres will grant you 15 seconds of double sized bombs as well as 5 points.



Player 1:


Left Shift – Accelerate

Space Bar – Drop Bombs

Player 2:

Arrow Keys
Right Shift – Accelerate

Right Control – Drop Bombs


Left Stick for directional movement

Triggers/R2+L2 – Accelerate

Bottom Face button (xbox A, PS4 X) – Drop Bombs

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